Children’s Programs

We enthsukkotusiastically support our families in their pursuit of bringing Jewish values into their homes and into their lives through a variety of formal and informal educational opportunities.  We have a loving and dedicated staff committed to providing every student with an exceptional educational experience.  As a part of our program, we also create opportunities for students and parents to connect with each other and to form bonds of friendship within our temple community. 

Our formal education opportunities include Religious School for PreK – 9th grade students, Kabbalat Torah (Confirmation) in the 10th grade and ACDC (After Confirmation the Discussion Continues) for 11th and 12th graders.  Students study Torah, prayer, ethics, values, holidays, and Israel.  Students also study Jewish culture through music, dance, games and cooking.  Sleepovers, retreats, holiday celebrations, and social gatherings round out our educational experiences.  Hebrew School and Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation is offered to students in 4th – 7th grades.

We take great pride in our Hebrew Mentor and Madrich (counselor) programs.  These programs offer both volunteer and paid staff positions for our teens.  Our mentors and madrichim assist our classroom teachers in every aspect and create an environment of fun, enthusiasm and support for our younger students.  They are an integral part of our staff and it is a pleasure to watch them grow and mature as Jews, as leaders in our community, and as human beings.

Please contact our educator, Karma Fordis Lindner, at or for more information about our programs.  Here are a few basic details to get you started….

  • Students must be 3 years old and potty trained by September 1st* to enroll in Religious School.  *To keep in line with California’s Kindergarten enrollment age requirements, we will accept students who are 3 by October 1 in 2013.
  • Religious School for PreK – 7th graders meets on Sundays from 9a-Noon.  PreK-3rd grade parents are asked to join us from 9a-9:45a every week for a short worship service conducted by Rabbi Gwasdoff.
  • Students in 2nd-5th grade make up our Junior Choir.  Junior Choir participates in Family Shabbat services throughout the academic year.
  • Hebrew School for 4th-7th graders meets on Wednesdays from 4p-6p.
  • For information about our programs for students in 8th-12th grades, please see our Young Adults page
  • Continue or begin your Jewish education by joining our community of Adult Learners.